Huge Longoria Pack Pulled Auto

I can’t believe what I just pulled. This is a Longoria auto 7/7 with the Pen he signed it with. This was a special box loader. The auto isn’t as bold as it should be but this is 100% authentic Longoria Autograph.  I guess Upper Deck couldn’t embedd the pen into the card so they just taped it to it.  I’m going to let this card go for $250.  Free Shipping!

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07 2011

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    OMG!!!!!! What a pull! Is there a COA glued to the back as well? Because you know it’s not real unless they used Elmer’s to attach the COA… I guess all those cases you busted finally paid off!!!!!

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    Would you take $175 (best offer) shipped? I’d even be willing to pay the extra $2.50 shipping for sleeve/top loader/bubble mailer if you’d like. I’ve been looking for a 7/7 Longo for so long!!!

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